Sunday, November 01, 2009

No tricks, just treats

keeping busy on a Saturday Halloween!

earlier in the week I had done this beaded aspen leaf to finish the embellishment of the fall wall hanging, but it just didn't look "leaf-y" enough

so the last couple of days I did this one

but I'm not completely happy with it either

I think the veins are too dark

there is a possibility that I will be pulling this one apart too and restitching with a more muted green for the veins

this system of redoing something until it's right is a new thing here in the past couple of years

since the pressure of getting things finished while juggling too many other things is off, I have learned to step back from each piece and let ideas "perk"

I think it has resulted in much better work

since I'm trying to get Christmas projects complete, I worked on this one yesterday

(if you have forgotten, I'm making a deck of playing cards for my mother's collection for Christmas)

I have finished all of the numbered cards and the aces, which leaves only the face cards (and the joker) to be completed

this is the template I did for the queens in the deck

each one will be a bit different (for each suit)

it's coming along

and this is the fabric for one of the other Christmas projects

one that I actually finished yesterday

a new record has been set for the earliest date to have the Christmas PJs complete

on Halloween!!

since I had the machine out, I decided to do some embroidery work for another Christmas project

got to love those chilis!!

these are part of a bigger "in process" item

I finished the silk lace knit scarf last night, so today it will be on to the blocking of that piece -- oh yes, and I went ahead and cast on the next one -- a totally different (and easier!) pattern {this is SO like me to do the hard thing first -- like wanting to learn to play the piano by learning Moonlight Sonata!}

projects are definately moving along!

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