Monday, November 02, 2009

NOW it's done -- and other progress reports

right to left we have the first beaded aspen leaf, the second beaded aspen leaf and the third beaded aspen leaf

third time is the charm!

now I can finish the autumn wall hanging and move on to a new quilting project!

more chilis

I've been fiddling with the embroidery features on my sewing machine

(about time, I've only had the thing for almost 10 years!)

on this one I discovered how to use the rotate mode

I thought I would run out of pins before I got this all pinned down!

this is my first excursion with blocking lace, and let me tell you, there has to be an easier way (no doubt all of those class-smart, experienced lace knitters know all about it)

anyway, it's drying, so I'll so be able to count another project as complete!

and here we have the templates for the king (the one with the bear's head) and the Jack (with a bird's head)

this whole project has been an interesting blend of old fashioned drawing combined with using the graphics software on my computer

I've learned a lot and it's been fun

and we're getting close to the home stretch!

this morning I'm off to the doctor for my annual "would you please write my prescriptions" visit -- time to get rollin'

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