Saturday, November 21, 2009

More complete projects

considering that I've not done very much lace knitting, I'm pretty pleased with this piece

I really love the lovely, light feeling of this great silk yarn

yesterday I pinned the edges (and that is a project that takes a while!) to block this lovely

I used the spray bottle to spritz the knitting and get it properly wet

for some reason I thought I was smelling raw pumpkin -- HUH? who knew wet silk would smell like raw pumpkin -- very strange indeed

anyway, I now have another project complete!!

my other project completed yesterday was that we got these planted

come Spring I should have a real riot of yellow loveliness (a site reminiscent of our prior year's trips to Nevada City)

one of the sweet things about this is that we got the package of bulbs for half price since the store is trying to move them all out to make room for Christmas decorations --- I'll take it!

I also finished cutting out all of the penguins for my Christmas cards yesterday afternoon -- moving right along!!

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