Friday, November 13, 2009

seeing the trees in the forest

the stitching has begun

we realize there is no such forest anywhere --- redwood trees and aspens just don't grow together in the same climate

we're making it happen in fabric

yesterday, after the washing of all the fabrics there was a marathon ironing session -- it took me back to my childhood, ironing my grandfather's shirts -- except there was no starch involved yesterday, just the smell of freshly washed, warm cotton

the fabrics I had dyed the day before were specifically for the sky and the dirt, and after the ironing and cutting, those first two pieces have been stitched together

today I hope to do some marking of where the trees will go on that, and perhaps begin the painting of the rocks on the dirt

we also did this yesterday

this is the foam for the seat of the chair we are recovering

the DH did the measuring, pattern cutting and marking -- I got to use the knife and cut it to shape -- reminded me of the hours with the drywall saw when we remodeled a house --- {shudder}

there was enough of the foam left over to make the pad for a small ottoman, so the DH has begun working on the framework for that (we actually had wood furniture legs from some previous low slung piece of furniture on hand that will go pretty well with the chair)

this morning we're making a grocery store run so we don't have to go out again for a few days -- we have a big storm forecast for the weekend

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