Thursday, December 10, 2009

another tree!

yup, we're still at it!

this is the tree in the family room that includes all the handmade ornaments --- mine, the DH, our daughter, friends over the years

it also has an assortment of tin toys, fiber and wood ornaments

we have a lot more ornaments than will actually fit on the tree in the place that it has to sit (basically, since it is against a wall, there are areas of the back that we can't get to to decorate), so each year some ornaments get put on and some stay in the box

some ALWAYS make the cut -- including the ones with pictures of our daughter with Santa as a child


the weather here is still COLD

we went out to the grocery store yesterday, and just making the trip across the parking lot from the car to the store was a bit dangerous -- the shopping center didn't have the lot plowed and it just hasn't been warm enough for anything to melt yet

no trips planned today --- there are still trees to trim (2 to go!), Christmas sewing projects to work on, presents to wrap

and hopefully some time to work on beads and the Tree quilt

time to get movin'

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