Wednesday, December 09, 2009

decorating, a blind penguin & actual beadwork

the Christmas decorating continues

this is a "feather tree" although not really (the real things are actually made out of feathers, while this one is a stiff synthetic replica)

it is, however, a small tree that I use to display my collection of tiny ornaments -- some of the ornaments are the small Hallmark ones, and some of these are older than I am

the star at the top of the tree is the sole surviving piece from a decoration I remember from my childhood -- my grandmother had a bunch of these that would be hung in the windows in the hallway across from the piano

and the little santa was made by the DH in 1945

the entire tree is sitting on top of the case that my other grandmother's doll is displayed in

Christmas is about memories

if this were a red headed doll we would call it Annie!

I'm working on another Christmas present

this little guy is only about 2 inches tall

today I plan to put in some little glass beads for eyes, and I'm still working on his wings

and of course he'll get a scarf

and the DH is working on a display piece to go with him

more pictures to come!

meantime, yesterday (for the first time in WEEKS!) I actually worked on a bead piece

you may recall this piece which I had declared a "no go" in terms of the way it looked

I decided that instead of this I would use a piece of silver gray satin to cover the entire area and work the beadwork framing over it

I have started stitching down the fabric around the edges so I can apply the beads

oh yes, the fabric I'm using is a piece left over from a dress I made over 20 years ago -- never underestimate the power of a well tended fabric stash!

today's list includes more decorating and a trip to the grocery store -- later when it warms up a bit and hopefully the streets have cleared off a little

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AlisonH said...

The penguin isn't blind, it's just wide-eyed.