Friday, December 04, 2009

YoYo Knitting

off the sticks didn't last for long

that whole ruffle thing just didn't do it

so, the frogs got real busy and "ripped it" back to where the stitches get picked up along the bottom edge again

so now it is back ON the sticks

this, however, is officially finished

(and YES -- FOR REAL!)

since my daughter now has friends having babies, it is a good thing to have a baby afghan or two on hand for quick gift giving

this was a pretty easy knit --- double stranded worsted weight, worked in alternating bands of stockinette and seed stitch

I have a nice sort of aqua/seafoam skein (one of those pound size) to make another baby afghan --- I will be doing a different pattern however

this arrived yesterday

it is a Christmas present from my artist friend in California

for quite a few years I have whined that I don't have one of her paintings

I hope this box contains what it looks like it contains -- I was told to expect a box and not to open it until Christmas

meantime, the fact that it is sitting where it is is a commentary on our inability to get our act together here

usually by this time we have trees up and decorated, but between a late Thanksgiving, being away for a week and just generally not feeling up to doing much, that box is currently sitting under an imaginary tree

we hope to remedy that in the next couple of days -- we did rearrange the living room and family room furniture to prepare for the trees, but just that much pretty much wore me out --- guess I'm not fully recovered yet

time to get to it -- we need to run out for some groceries and to pick up some medicine before we start on the trees


Nancy G said...

Does "yo-yo knitting" mean that you will be listening to cello music while you are working on it?

Bev said...

or perhaps Julian Weber (variations?)