Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Stuff to do when it snows

so while it snowed, we put up a Christmas tree

this tree has the accumulated crystal ornaments of over 35 years of collecting

originally we put all blue lights on this one, but now days we use the multi-colored strands

and for the last 3 years we've been slowly switching over to LEDs (when you put up as many as 9 trees, you need to save on the power bill!)

it is amazing how different it looks when it is dark except for the lights on the tree too

as I said, it has been snowing here, so after finishing up the tree, we finished addressing all of our Christmas cards and writing the notes

another afghan square is complete, and the vest for the DH has been worked up to about 5 inches

the pocket for the notes on the quilt for my friend is complete (which means now I need to find a box it will fit in so I can mail it off)

and I'm slowly moving all of my ongoing projects into boxes or tubs that can be relocated so we can finish decorating the house (how did I get so many things going on when I spent so much time recovering this summer?!)

and the Ebay-ing goes on --- we shipped off the last of the first batch of packages, and I am in the midst of getting ready to list a bunch more.

oh yeah, I decided to make another gift for Christmas too --- so the needle felting tools and certain fibers have been transfered to a work tray

never a dull moment!

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