Friday, December 18, 2009

Gazelle pencil case

the inside -- using striped fabric makes the stitching for the pencil pockets SO much easier!

this is the outside

I used a piece I had stamped with the gazelle a while back -- and I only had to trim it only a little

and here it is closed

the button is a "one of a kind" from the button box that looks like a coiled hunk of rope

and the loop closure?

heh, well, you know those fuzzy, stretching hair bands -- the small ones?

it was just the right size, stretches just enough to go over the button with stuff inside the case

I hope he likes it!

finished two dog toys yesterday too, so Christmas projects are nearly done!

the DH told me about a week ago that he was in need of a new bathrobe

yesterday we made a trip to our local Hancock Fabrics because they were having a pattern sale

(when I can get patterns for $1.99, I go "stock up" on any I think I might need)

this is the robe pattern I got (it was not my first choice -- they were out of that one -- but this one is satisfactory

I actually bought 2 of these -- one of each size grouping -- I sense that there will be more than one robe made here soon -- my daughter has already said she wants to commission me to make one for her and her husband too

and while we were in there, I found this great sort of sea foam green fabric --- we plan to use this as the back ground for the sea turtle quilt we are working on

yup, here we are starting up new projects!

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