Monday, December 14, 2009


it's in a new place

for years my nativity scene had been on top of the piano, and you know once you start doing something one way, it takes major change to do it another way

and I find that I like this even better than the old way --

who knew?

meantime, project work continues -- the ongoing sewing projects are coming along

one of them involved cutting a circle with a 42 inch diameter then stretching the brain and doing math to figure out how much bias binding I needed to cut to go around that circle

there are still several hours of time for the sewing machine (some of which I can just "supervise" while the embroidery program works its magic)

and on the whole the big black dog that lives here is just trying to catch some sleep

I loved this shot where she is using one of her "mom made" squeeky toys as a pillow


today's work list includes laundry, finally finishing the decorating, some errands, gift wrapping and more on the projects

are we done yet?

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