Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas goodies revealed

there were goodies being made that I just couldn't talk about here before Christmas or there would have been no reason to wrap my daughter's presents -- she reads my blog!

here then is the case I made her to keep her colored pencils from being loose in the bottom of the plastic tub --- this is a pencil "book" --- pages within the case to hold each of the 50 colored pencils in its own secure slot

and this

throughout the year I mentioned the "Unidentified Christmas Project"

this is the project

a memory quilt, title "The Angel of Music" that includes blocks about her life

because she didn't get to read about the quilt as I went along, she also got a little book that talks about each block, why we used that image and what it meant to us

she liked it!

and there was a hat that is similar to the one I made for her husband and a pair of pink mittens (especially designed to be big enough to fit OVER her gloves for extra warmth when shoveling snow)

and of course there was the knitting of afghan squares in the car both ways, so there are 3 more for the box

I got a new camera for Christmas -- it's wonderful, 12 megapixels! And I have some great pictures already -- I just can't show them to you this morning!

Seems that even though I was able to download pictures successfully on to my laptop while I was away, no amount of installing, rebooting, pleading or swearing at the desktop computer will convince it that it should "talk nice" to the new camera.

At the risk of having the desktop computer totally stop working by saying this, this camera issue and the fact that my brother-in-law gave me a 60gig external hard drive for Christmas, is one more thing in the list of reasons why I'm considering doing away with the desktop.

In the meantime, I have to download pictures from the new camera to the laptop then write them to a click disc and carry the click disc to the desktop --- total P-I-T-A!


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