Sunday, December 13, 2009

more trees, more completed projects!

the last of the trees (for this year) are complete!

this one is the tree that is all hand blown figural ornaments (a lot of Radko ones)

the tree itself was originally a display tree in a store and it is great to display these ornaments

and this is a twin sister tree but all of the ornaments on this one are bears

coca cola bears, hand made by me bears, blown glass bears, resin bears, wood bears -- you get the idea

now that the trees are all done we'll be working on the mantle in the family room and the other "surface" decorating

(I have ornaments for 2 more trees, but we're not putting those up this year!)

looking good

here is a close up of the completed lion stamp

I'm pretty pleased with the way he looks

stamping with light inks or paints on a dark surface has a lot of tricky parts

I think this is a technique that needs more work, but the finished product will be good for it's intended purpose

this is what the inside of the pencil roll looks like

each "pocket" is double stitched so hopefully it will stand up to the use of having pencils put in and taken out repeatedly

and this is what the outside looks like after I finished all the stitching

there are artist pencils and charcoals that are going along with this case, as well as a nice sketch book

I hope he likes it

and I finished the mittens to go with the hat

these came together in record time!

tomorrow we'll go get the rest of the items needed for this gift and get it packaged up

I hope the young teenager that gets these likes purple!

so the list of items to be completed is slowly shrinking -- still have some more sewing to complete for my daughter and her husband, and the deck of cards for my mother isn't quite done

and I'm at that antsy stage -- want to get this stuff finished so I can work on something else!

(oh yeah, I found a free pattern for a little bird ornament, so now I'm wanting to learn how to do crocheting with beads on the thread -- a crocheting is something I don't do much of because it bothers my wrist -- but I have this idea, and its not going to leave me alone until I at least TRY it)

time to get movin'

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