Friday, March 31, 2006

At least one thing is totally done......

I finished my last entry for the URSA competition, got the pictures taken and sent them for my favorite part, waiting (very big NOT!!!) At any rate, these are being entered in a competition that will depend on votes, so as soon as I have the page link for the voting, I'll get it up and posted so all of my readers can go and vote (PLEASE!!)

Yesterday I did manage to finish 1 (yeah, only 1) bear, but many more are very close.

Also got the fabric back drop finished. This consisted of taking some corregated cardboard and cutting it into pieces, then making a fabric "sleeve" to slide the cardboard into. The fabric is printed in greens like leaves of plants, which I think will be a nice "jungle" background for the miniature animals that I'll be showing next weekend in Nevada City.

Met with the web site group last night. Lots to get done in the next few days before I leave on that score too....seems my project list never gets smaller....

Time to go get some breakfast then on to work on those bears!!

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