Friday, March 24, 2006

Its coming along.......

have spent some time working on the icon this week, finally got all of the blue done last night. I think the pattern of the rows of beads looks like the drape of the fabric....pretty cool and better than I thought it would be. Have done just one row of the background color mix around the figure, and it looks pretty good too! This is getting exciting! Can't wait to see what it will look like when I get it done!

The rest of today's blog is a message to all of my readers about how you need to take care of yourselves:

For the past month I have been spending much more time in hospital rooms than the studio because my dad has just had surgery for esophageal cancer. The surgeon removed half of his esophagus and 1/3 of his stomach on February 28. Three weeks plus later, he is still hospitalized and can not yet have anything by mouth. The good news is, his cancer was caught early and he will probably be ok after this long recovery from the surgery.

He had suffered from persistent heartburn for years. We used to tease him about getting heartburn from a glass a water....we're not laughing about that any more.

A recent article in our local paper explains that the heartburn is a major warning of this fast growing (in number of cases) and extremely deadly cancer. I have created a PDF file of that article and posted it on my website.

PLEASE! If you or someone you care about has persistent problems with heartburn, go get tested!! It could save your life. Because there seems to be a familial link, I'm going next month.

The link to the article is:

Thanks for your time reading this.

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