Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Progress (our most important product?)

A bit of work is actually getting done!

Spent Monday in Denver visiting with dad and trying to take care of vehicle issues for mom. Dad is doing better every day, he was able yesterday to walk out into the hall on his own (supervised, but under his own power!).

After several days of spring like weather its colder and we're supposed to get snow today. My daffodils have their little heads about 8 inches up out of the leaf pile that I put over them last fall, but they haven't begun to open them, so snow right now will be ok.....that way I may actually get to see them bloom instead of them being frozen.

In the studio I have been working on the neck band to hold all of the leaves I've been working on. The leaves in today's picture are made of .999 silver. This material is amazing. We begin with real leaves then layers of the silver clay paste are brushed on to the leaf and the whole thing goes into the kiln for firing. Cool stuff!!

Hoping today to get the band on and the leaves all attached, so I better get moving!

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