Sunday, March 12, 2006

Remind me again.....

why we do craft shows!? Oh yeah, because its supposed to support my "habit" and help me buy more supplies to make more art. Its confession time......the show yesterday was awful from the "making money" point of view. "Sigh!"

The up side of this escapade was that lots of folks thought the last two pieces of work (Moonshine and Autumn Leaves) were wonderful. Well, the positive strokes are a good thing too.

We'll be doing the ugly work of a show later today: empting the car and putting away all the display equipment....ick! Oh well, this job is getting easier as we get a better feel for what we should and shouldn't take with us.

Note for next show: take the extension cords for the saves a trip to the hardware store at 7 am!! DUH!

This is not usually my place for ranting, but right now I'm feeling like I need to do just that. I realize that nurses in general are working hard and are probably being asked daily to handle more that they can, but after visiting my dad last night I want to just scream about it. The best thing to be said for ICU is that he had 2 nurses day and night that really knew what was happening with him and what was going on. This week since he's been out of ICU, he's had to have the feeding tube removed because they damaged it trying to use it improperly for medication; he's had to have a "pick" put in a vein in his arm so they can give him medication and he's had to INSIST that someone listen to him about the issues with the catheter. Sometimes I think the local Vets give better care to our pets than hospitals give their patients, especially the elderly ones!!! Ok, Rant over, but only for now, I'm sure I'll have another one later.

Its cold again this morning, but I noticed that one of my daffodils has a bloom about to open. A small reminder that winter WILL end, and spring will come...Thank God!

Off to do something constructive (or maybe even creative!)

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