Sunday, March 26, 2006

Parts of lots of things.....

are getting done.

Today's picture is of the 4th block in the quilt project. This is just the applique part of the block, after the stripping is added, I'll be embroidering the details.

The background of the Icon is progressing. Now that its getting close to the finishing, I'm getting impatient (as usual!) The background patterning is kind of neat.

Today I stitched up the 4 bears that the DH cut out yesterday. Three of these are the pattern that we call Scrappie.....every one of the 19 pieces is a different fabric, because these are made out of my scrap pieces from other bears.

The fourth bear is a brand new design that we came up with in the last week. We started off with a little bear that we had done before, enlarged the pattern, changed the body and the hear. So far, so good, at least all of the pieces fit together right, which is a key point when making a pattern the first time. I hope the next steps go as well.

Still have a basket full of bears to put eyes on....MUST get to that this week, the sooner the better.

Time to go back to work!!

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