Thursday, March 30, 2006

Working right down to the wire!

Yup, as usual, stuff happens, and here I am with 5 days before we leave for a show and a whole basket of bears not done....[sigh!]

Did spend a lot of time yesterday working on them tho'. The picture shows the 21 that were ready for eyes, ears and toes. I actually got eyes and toes on 19 of them! Today's work will include closing the last 2 that we got stuffed then finishing faces on the whole crew.

I also have a fabric backdrop to complete, and of course the laundry, ironing, packing, etc., that goes into doing a show.

And this evening, off to a meeting with someone that wants me to build her a website (this was supposed to happen a month ago, so it would have been done by now, but NOOOOOO)

Ah well, you have to admit it keeps me busy!

Time to crank up the CD of Wicked and get to work (don't make me get my winged monkeys!!!)

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