Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back in the studio (temporarily)....

After spending all day yesterday at the hospital while my dad had surgery, we're back home this evening.

Dad is doing really well, tho' we know there will be hard days ahead. I'm glad we're able to be helpful to mom and let dad feel that things are under control on the home front.

Spent most of the afternoon getting things put away, organizing the chaos, going through 3 days of mail....

I'm real excited about a show that we have been accepted for (after applying three times before).....We will be going to Springfield, MO, for an art show on May 6 and 7. By all reports we've had from other artists, this is a very good show, better than the fall one which we have done pretty well at in the past.

Oh yes, we did spend some time trying to decide how to arrange all those leaves into the necklace (see picture). They look so nice together. We still have some silver leaves (made of Art Clay Silver) that need to be drilled so I can attach them to the necklace, I'm really looking forward to finishing this piece and moving on. Seems that's the usual way, as soon as the end of a project gets close I'm anxious to get it done and start on the next one. Guess its because the planning is sometimes more interesting than the execution.

While I was sitting in the waiting room yesterday I got two more blocks done on the Christmas quilts, and I got several inches of the sweater sleeves done in the car, so progress is being made on all fronts!

So, I'm now wandering off to try to get something else done tonight. Thank you to all who have sent messages for my dad, we really appreciate your support!!

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