Monday, March 06, 2006

Its a kick line!

Wow, can't believe its been so long since I could get to this. Since the last post, I've spent way to much time in hospitals (and the seat of the car is getting very "familiar" too).

On Thursday afternoon we got a call from our daughter's friend that her doctor was going to put her out again to control a post tonsilectomy hemorrage in her throat....needless to say, we can say that if we needed to evaculate in 15 minutes for some reason, we now know we could....I grabbed our RX, a couple of personal items and the dog and out the door we went. Good news is, the hemorrage was quickly controlled and she got to come home that evening. We spent the night with her to make sure she was ok.

On Friday my dad had a very bad day after they changed his pain meds. It took most of the day to figure out what was happening and getting it under control. Good news on that front is that dad is now out of ICU (moved him on Sunday) and doing much better.

Along the way I have managed to get all of the joints in the 12 little bears. Isn't this a cute kick line? Still much to do on these, but it is progress.

This coming Saturday we will be doing a one day show at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora. I'll have to spend some time between now and then getting ready for that. I hope we do well, could use the extra $$ for all the gas we've been burning this month.

Today its off to Denver again to take care of a vehicle issue for my mom and dad, and I need to get some things done here before we leave, so its back to work!

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