Saturday, October 31, 2009

wherein we discuss artistic frustration

I've been working on a project for Christmas -- sort of -- that entails the use of small (about 11 x 17 inches) pieces of fabric in prints for various holidays in the year

a lot of this project is done, and I was thinking, "no problem, I can knock out the rest of this in a jiffy"

being as today is halloween and thanksgiving is right around the corner and birthdays go on all the time I figured I'd be able to find some fat quarters with appropriate print on them and finish this right up

au contraire mon ami -- it seems that no one has these, at least not in a scale that works (shall we say that pumpkins and corn that take half a yard to do a repeat are a bit on the over-large size!)

why is it no one else has telepathically understood that I would need these and had them at the ready?

this may mean that I will be dragging out all of the Copic markers and doing a bit of fabric creation of my very own

just saying....

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