Wednesday, February 06, 2013

a finished object

the garage workshop and the sewing area actually finishing a project at the same time! 

yesterday morning the DH applied the last coat of wax to the toy box and I successfully finished the straps on the cushion 

ta da! 

another finished refurbishing project for Mr Cute 

this is a vintage (circa 1950s) toy box, handed down to me from a friend, used by my daughter and now redone for the next generation 

when we go to visit the next time we'll take it to him  

yesterday I showed you the three pieces that I have called "morning/noon/night" 

last night I thought of a way to put them together as one piece

now I need to spread out the pieces on the work table and pull out the box of yellow/orange/pink fabrics to set it together

probably not until tomorrow

today I will be trimming the baby quilt and putting on it's binding --- I finished the quilting last night ---- YIPEE!

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AlisonH said...

How cool is that! Mr. Cute is Mr. Lucky, too!