Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day

not only did we have a lot of snow, we had some wind and later in the day we had enough sun to create some interesting icicles 

this is what the north west corner of our house with a really interesting shaped drift hanging off the edge
in the meantime, the snow/sun/wind combo creating these cool icicles on the big pine tree in the back yard 

we went out into the cold and cleared the side walks and the drive way of the snow yesterday morning -- we've learned through unpleasant experience that if we wait too long there is a nasty layer of ice under the snow that is much harder to remove than just getting out there and shoveling the snow 

 at least this way we can go out to get the mail and the newspaper without needing boots on

 I spent more time in the studio yesterday and completed another charity quilt top more of that red, white and blue theme here -- and I have enough of it to do at least one more 

quilting continues on the big trees piece, and I have started on another pair of pieces for the Visioning Project which are coming along nicely

 meantime, I've managed to get only the first four or five rows of the lid for the beaded box done even though I've stitched at least a dozen more --- and taken them back out --- the shape I want to create is not just flat, so I'm having some issues with the placement of the decreases to get there --- hopefully I get this soon --- I'm getting close to the deadline on this piece

time for breakfast!

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AlisonH said...

Yup. I learned in New Hampshire that if you drive over the driveway once, it's ice forever under there. Good luck with all that white stuff--it's pretty but it's a pain.