Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the virtue of working away from my studio

in this case, it's actually having enough space to do what I needed to do 

and we're sending up a small flare here in celebration that after 3 years I have finally gotten this piece to the quilting stage!! 

it was wonderful to be able to pull together several tables and do all of the pinning while being able to walk all the way around this 

(and yes, it's laying on the floor here in this picture, but that was the only way I could high enough above it to take a picture that shows the whole piece!) 

 I still need to applique a single columbine on this piece, but I'll have no problem doing that even though it's all pinned (and the first quilting has begun) 

doing a very happy dance here
 even after being gone for the morning to do that quilt pinning and otherwise hob nob with my fellow quilters, I did get some work done on this project yesterday afternoon

this is the bottom of the box, and it's almost finished -- just a couple more rows of green then a band of gold beading above that to go

of course then I'll need to make the top, but I'm pretty pleased with how this is going

that big storm that rolled through Northern California yesterday is supposed to hit us this afternoon and the various forecasters are saying anything from 2 inches to over a foot -- depending on which one you listen to -- not to worry, we are set to just stay in for a couple of days --- maybe I'll get more studio work done!

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