Sunday, February 24, 2013

and now to the finish work

last night I finished the bead work for this project

looking good!

the next step is to create the lining for the box, and I want to shape the lining to support the bracelet that will go inside the box

when I first started thinking about the lining, I was thinking it needed to be green, but when I went through my stash of satin fabric I found some gold that looks really great, so I'll be going with that instead

and here is where all of my experience with dressmaking and decorative stitching and the creating of three dimensional forms in fabric (in my former life making collectible teddy bears) will all come together to create this formed liner

here's hoping it goes together the way I see it in my head!

time at the sewing machine yesterday afternoon grew the log cabin blocks some more

these are looking very good

I still need to add two pieces on each of these before I can start with trying to figure out how to set the whole group together

our journey yesterday to the store was successful!  

earlier in the week the fabric I had ordered to use for the peacock piece arrived and turned out to be totally unusable for the purpose, but these two pieces, which were selected at the store with the other fabric I will be using for it in hand, are perfect

so here we have a yard of a lovely batik sky and a half yard of batik to use for the tree branches

now we can begin!

we woke this morning to cold, windy and snowing again --- BLEAH!  glad there are no long journeys required today

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AlisonH said...

Such a gorgeous box. I was thinking, no, gold, before I read the word, and I'm quietly glad taht you, who are the better artist, had the same feeling.