Thursday, February 28, 2013

working while traveling

off to Denver yesterday morning to take down a quilt show -- I was worried about the road conditions after a day of blizzard conditions just prior to our little journey, but the roads were not a problem 

some of the drivers? a whole 'nother question entirely -- as we sat in a traffic jam for over an hour 

that much time on the road means a lot of afghan square knitting however 

two more for that box
 after the quilt take down, we went by my sister's to pick up the computer for the DH that my brother in law (our family "Computer Doc") had repaired for him

she also gave me this pattern (and two others that will fit Mr Cute) -- picked up in one of her excursions to the second hand store --- cool! 

and there is a new box of yarn for the yearly Christmas sweater sitting here just waiting for me to start on that project
 the next two pieces for the Visioning Project are now ready for the quilting 

this lesson had to do with repetition and how shape can tie a piece together while still conveying action

I've decided to exercise my word for the year --- be brave --- and do the quilting on these two on the machine


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AlisonH said...

Sisyphus dropped the ball?