Sunday, February 17, 2013


thanks to the willingness of a fellow beader to share some information,  yesterday I was able to create this much of the "box" that I want to put the latest bracelet in

after posting a question on one of my facebook groups, I had responses that gave me enough "how to" to start into this project

this is not quite big enough in diameter, so I'll be adding some more rounds of beads before I start working my way down the side, but I'm very pleased with the outcome so far

  my daughter sent me this picture of her little dog wearing the sweater that "grandma" made

it's pretty clear that the sweater fits perfectly

what's not so clear is how the dog feels about wearing it

uh, maybe not so much

the picture actually is pretty hilarious!

yesterday's work in the studio included drawing out all the patterns for the peacock -- the fabric for the background of that piece has been ordered, so I'll be able to start on it toward the end of the week when the package arrives

I've nearly finished the backgrounds for for these three panels -- I've been working from the outside edges in, and right now there are only a couple more pieces to add to the center block before I can set them all together --- cool

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AlisonH said...

Oh that puppy is just too cute.

There's a turtle hiding in those beads. And a bicycle wheel. Cool.

As for the quilt, I found what it reminds me of (and why I kept wanting to call it Habitat for Humanity; it's simply called Habitat.)