Tuesday, February 19, 2013


real progress made yesterday afternoon on this project 

the more I work on it the faster it goes 

just a little more on this part (which is the bottom) then it will be on to the top 

meantime, while working on this, I've begun to figure out how to do the inside of the box so it looks nice and so it actually holds the bracelet in place when it is in the box the house parts are ready to be set together, and because this piece has been a sort of a "happening", I needed to figure out I'm going to set them together 

 this dark blue fabric is what I'm going to use to put them together, so I just spread it on the floor and tried a couple of arrangements 

I'm going to use the bottom one -- it would have been nice if I could actually hang them at different levels, but this is as close as I can get for this one 
last summer the west side of the valley I live in had a fire 

a really BIG fire 

while it was burning we could see the flames and the air quality for quite a while was awful 

but after that it was hard to see exactly where the burn was 

until it snowed 

now every little bit of snow sticks on that burn scar and I can really see it 


I'm going today to use a bigger space than I have at home to pin the big trees quilt (and hang out for a while with some other quilters) -- time to get going

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AlisonH said...

Fires in mountains leave a big empty canvas in their wake, waiting. (Thinking of the Lexington one here years ago.)