Friday, February 01, 2013

not much to show for it

the first words out of my daughter's mouth last night when she called "no blog today?"

heh, well, no, there wasn't -- I just didn't have much to show for what I'd been doing

this morning's picture file is pretty thin too

just this shot of another set of mittnz and hat -- number 6 of these for this year

so since I don't have any other pictures, I'll just tell you what I've been doing

1.  I have almost finished doing the edges of the clock piece -- still have to do the edges of all the open work, suspend the "gears" in those openings, do the fringing and create the fastener -- while I had hoped this would be finished by now, more realistically it won't be done until sometime next week

2.  the baby quilt is about 1/3 quilted -- this is going very well, I hope to have the quilting finished by Monday, then I can do the binding

3.  the next pieces for the Visioning Project are progressing -- and morphing!  I had originally intended to make them into three separate pieces, but as I've worked on them I'm seeing them more as three parts of one larger piece -- maybe

4.  the sweater for the DH has been cast on and an inch of ribbing at the bottom completed

5.  the design work for the Hoffman Challenge and the annual lap quilt are both "in progress", as is the piece for the local quilt guild challenge

6.  the materials for the next jewelry challenge have arrived, and I'm pretty clear what I'll be doing -- I just need to finish #1 above!

see --- nothing to show you, but I'm busy

time to get back to it

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