Friday, September 18, 2009

and now the waiting

before the rest of the work can be done on the charity auction

time to work on other things!

here is block 7 of the kitty quilt and the first of them that is a brown kitty

I'm on the downhill side of these now!

and I'm just over half way around attaching the binding to the mystery quilt project

you may remember that I was talking about taking apart a sweater I knit a very long time ago

I must have been brain dead when I started because I forgot to take a picture of the sweater before I started

this is a close up of the back of the sweater

look at those nice cables!

right now I have taken apart both sleeves and one side of the front

as I'm raveling (or unraveling!) it out, I'm rolling it into balls, then I'll use the niddy noddy (that the DH just built me out of scrap PVC pipe) to tie the yarn up in hanks

it needs to be washed, then soaked in alum, then over dyed --- I'm going to use coffee grounds --- I figure in a week or so I can collect enough of those to make a nice warm brown over the gold (all three shades of it!)

when all that is done I'm going to knit the DH a nice vest

meantime, the hood for the sweater I'm working on right now is three quarters done --- yeah, we're on the downhill side!!

and of course the are other items in que to get onto the sticks -- kitty toy, lace scarf, baby afghans and the ever present charity afghan squares

yesterday we did some yard work, and today I'm planning to get at least the primer on the garden shed


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