Tuesday, September 15, 2009

forward progress

Much of my time this week and next will be taken up with work on a charity auction, but a little creative activity is required to keep me out of the funny farm!

And so we have block number 6 of the kitty quilt! This also means that half of the blocks are done (in just over 2 weeks!), and that the next 6 blocks will have brown kitties.

I also have now attached one quarter of the binding to the mystery project.

Another afghan square is complete too.

And I'm over half way through the hood for the sweater I'm knitting.

I've started ripping a sweater I made almost 40 years ago. I'm going to use the yarn to make a vest for the DH. But as I ripped, I realized that there must have been three different dye lots in that sweater -- or the yarn aged in different ways. This means there will be a small dye project before the next knitting happens.

This also means I need a niddy noddy, so I have asked the DH to create one for me out of some scrap PVC pipe we have hanging around in the garage. (More evidence of why one should be selective about the stuff one throws away!)

And today we hope to get the rest of the back fence repaired --- the DH and my son-in-law set the post on Sunday and yesterday the DH (with very minimal help from me) put in the 2x4 cross pieces. So now it's just the fence boards to put up --- yippeee! one step closer to being ready for winter. Then it's on to painting sheds.

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