Tuesday, September 29, 2009

finished, broken, progress

A finished project!

the little knitted kitty will go with the kitty quilt when I finish it and ship it off

there was a little trouble in the process of knitting this however --- notice the far left needle --- it just snapped!

so I now have a double pointed set of 3 --- hmmmmm --- not to worry, my sister says she may have some replacement parts on hand

remember the sweater I was taking apart?

here it is

along with the niddy noddy the DH made me out of scrap PVC pipe

next step is to tie these up into hanks for washing (this yarn was originally knit up back in the 1970s and I can't remember when it was last washed! --- ewwwwww!)

then I will be soaking it in a strong alum solution so the overdying will actually "stick"

and another afghan square is complete

in other project news:

the binding is all attached to the mystery quilt and I started turning it to the back last night

I have less than 20 rows left to knit on the mystery sweater

still have my final critique of the charity auction to write, but the data file has been sent to the person that will take over doing the tax receipt letters to the donors --- yippee

yesterday I was actually able to get a gallon of paint for the garden shed for only $5 --- someone didn't like the color gray it was, but it will work just fine for us --- I was thinking I would have to pay full price, so I'm really happy about this!

time to get workin'

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