Monday, September 28, 2009

A week survived!

Saturday evening was the charity auction that I served as coordinator/chair for.

Can't believe it's finally DONE!!

For the most part it went pretty well.

This week I'll be sorting out the paperwork, writing some thank yous and doing a final critique report. Then it's on to other projects!!

Just before we left last week I got the box from Fire Mountain Gems with the piece of jewelry in it that I had submitted.

I also got this nice certificate and a $10 gift certificate to be used for whatever I want from their catalog.

Not the result I really wanted, but it was an honor to be a finalist.

This year they are doing several different contests, so I may be submitting some other things.

The one thing I wish would happen when entering these contests is some kind of feedback on what I could have done better.

about the only creative project I finished in the last week was these two afghan squares

(unless you count all those gift baskets I made up for the auction, and the set up itself)

I did work on a few other things, but nothing is really finished

So today I'm doing laundry and we have shopping to do then we need to figure out what we're doing when this week --- there is still that pink shed to paint

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