Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ooooo -- pretty!

late yesterday afternoon I was working on a project, minding my own business and the doorbell rang

it was the floral delivery lady

I was sure she had the wrong address

but no, these were for me!

a "keep up the good work" reward from the head of the group that I'm doing the charity auction for

oh awesome!

(I literally could not remember the last time anyone had sent me flowers)


another block of the kitty quilt is complete

this one, in her lovely little kimono, is pretty cute

5 down, 7 to go

and the binding strips of the mystery project have now all been connected and I'm ready to start attaching it to the quilt --- yippee!!

one more afghan block complete --- you can tell that I ran out of one varigated yarn in the middle and started into another color


so it's cooler today, and sort of gray, but we'll be out working in the yard preparing for the setting of a fence post

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