Saturday, September 19, 2009

working on projects indoors and out

another quilt block done for the kitties

8 done, 4 to go


2/3 of the binding sewn onto the big mystery quilt too

have I mentioned we're working on drawings and plans for the next one? (bet you're not surprised)

and outdoors, the primer coat is on the garden shed

yes folks, it's PINK!

ok, when I can get a $27 gallon of paint for $8, I'll take the color -- especially since it's just the primer

and I had never noticed until I started putting on the pink paint that the old color was actually sort of baby blue --

today we will paint this with the top color --- it's grey, a bit darker than the house (I think) that gallon of paint was one of those "miss-mixed" ones from the sale bin too

so, there will be plenty of work to do today then tomorrow I'll go back to really working on auction stuff --- one week to go

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