Wednesday, January 30, 2013

being part of a traveling show

you may recall this piece that I created last year 

the group of us that participated in this project (there are 20 pieces that are hung together with the "trail" connecting them together) have been looking for another location to have it hung 

(actually, two of the group are doing most of the hard work of making contacts on this --- I've volunteered to help with the hanging) 

this morning I got a message that these will appear at the Salt Lake City HMQS show from May 9 to 11 AND the Loveland, CO, Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival from August 9 to 11 AND will hang in two local library branches for the months of September and October of this year


I'm pretty excited about that

for quite a few years someone in my family has been the recipient of a hand made lap quilt 

the instruction with each of these is the same -- I expect these items to be USED -- basically, if you don't use them (and thus wear them out) you'll not get another one 

I've known since last fall when I was quilting the one for last Christmas who should get the quilt this year 

my son in law has followed instructions really well -- his is wearing out -- so I've been thinking about what to do for the new one 

last night I did this little "drawing" 

usually these lap quilt are made in blocks like a traditional pieced quilt, but this idea appeals to me even though it would mean the entire quilt top is the one single block 

need to do some research to create the patterns, and there will be the need of purchasing some batik fabrics 

we'll see where this goes

Mr Cute is crazy for tractors 

and he's a very lucky little boy --- in the open field right behind his house they are preparing to put in sewer pipe to build some new houses (yes, he's standing up on the back of the couch so he can see over that fence!)

that means the tractors are really up close and personal 

what a treat!! 

and I notice in looking at this picture my daughter sent me that he seems to have gotten taller since I last saw him -- sounds like it's time to schedule a week end trip to visit!

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AlisonH said...

A little boy's dream. He's so cute!

That quilt is one of my favorites. Gorgeous.