Friday, March 29, 2013

happy dancin'

one of the things that I do every morning is check on my Etsy store

occasionally I get a pleasant surprise and something has sold from there

this morning I'll be shipping this lovely piece to Paris -- in FRANCE!

cool, very cool

seems like just when I'm getting discouraged about that store, something makes me more excited about it

I worked on this a bit more yesterday

after some experimenting, I did fill the biggest open space with some crystal bicone beads in a sort of random pattern, which makes that opening less glaring

the right hand side of this is finished and ready to me to start the chain that will go up to the back for the clasp

I hope to get more of the left hand side done today

 the stitching of the second feather is complete

and I used a different technique, so there is not nearly the messy thread issue on the back

so now I know that this technique is a better one than the first one I tried

for the third feather, I want to try one more technique that has more to do with how the quilting lines are marked

maybe today

work on the Visioning Project continues

the hand applique work on this piece is finished, so now I'll be trying to figure out what I will do to it next

lots of work to get done -- time to get that package to the post office!

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AlisonH said...

Congratulations on the sale!