Sunday, March 03, 2013


more pieces for the necklace

these are pieces of natural carnelian that I've worked bead bezels around

there are 3 more of these pieces to do, then I'll back all of them with leather and they'll be ready to add to that necklace

looking good

I actually got to the sewing machine yesterday afternoon and did the quilting on one of the two pieces for the Visioning Project -- YIPPEE -- it is possible for me and the machine to play nicely together!   and the second one is in process -- which means these two pieces should be totally finished in the next couple of days


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AlisonH said...


I have a carnelian necklace inherited from my grandmother. It has not been seen in some time. We had a housekeeper, briefly, whom we caught being a thief and fired her (and never hired another). I so hope the necklace didn't disappear down her pockets too, but I don't know for sure. I do think somehow that we will find that necklace again, like, it could have fallen down the back of the dresser drawer to where we have to dismantle the bottom drawer to get it all the way out to look back there. I don't want to be disappointed, so we haven't done it yet.