Tuesday, March 05, 2013

moonscape snow fall

strange snow yesterday afternoon

it began as a sort of wet pellet snow followed by a couple of hours of heavier wet snow

an inch or so accumulated

but out on the grass -- it's weird

it looks like a moonscape

almost like little ice stalagmites all over the grass --- inverted icicles formed over the dry grass? 

like I said, it's weird

but I just might use some of the pictures I took of it to create a quilt piece for my Visioning Project lesson that has to do with "scale"

so while Mother Nature was creating her little snow landscapes outside, I was working on this project inside

each of those petal shaped carnelians are now bezeled with beads and backed with soft leather

next step will be to create the long tube to form the "s" curved "wire" that needs to be between these pieces

I hope to get that part done today

time to get to work

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Before I even read the words, I was thinking, oh, flower petals, cool!