Saturday, March 30, 2013

The greeter of Spring

when I went out to get the paper this morning I saw the first robin of the season

for the past few years we've had robins nesting in the big trees at the back of our property, and I watch for them each year to signal the beginning of Spring

he sat calmly on the big rock and watched me put envelopes in the mail box for the postman and pick up the newspapers from the drive way


 I had declared the center of this finished and started working on the chain to the clasp there on the right hand of the picture

uh, but now that I'm looking at the photo, I really think it needs something else there on the left side

it is asymmetrical and is supposed to be but right now it doesn't look balanced to me

I'll be pulling out the remaining stone and crystal pieces and figuring out what need to go there

the sleeves for the sweater I've been knitting for the DH are complete!

today I can start sewing it together

and I'll need to take a trip to the button tins and find some suitable buttons for it

yippee --- getting much closer to being finished!

the stitching on this piece has begun

yesterday afternoon I drew the piece on the thin interfacing to prepare for the stitching

and last night I started at the top -- cutting out that first curved tree branch and started doing the needle turn applique

looking good!


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AlisonH said...

There is nothing in the world like being eye to eye with a wild thing.