Monday, March 18, 2013

ready for "framing"

the stitching is finished and this piece is now ready for some aggressive pressing and a binding

and I learned one more thing about what I want to do on the final piece by finishing this stitching -- I want to use a thread that is an exact match to the background on that piece, so the quilting other than the feather works just fades into the background

I've started the applique work on the sample I'm making with the actual fabrics, so I should get a chance to test that approach soon

the DH says I should title this one "Feather Duster"

 the making of bezels for all the crystals is finally done!

now the little pieces of "chain" need to be done so I can start putting this all together

the chief of security and head nude model for the studio is just hanging out -- sharing the footstool with the DH --- his feet are on top while she uses it for a pillow


time to get to work on the projects for the day

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