Saturday, March 16, 2013

new threads

in the end I never got into the studio yesterday afternoon, but I did get to the store and got this lovely array of rayon thread

I just love the glow!

and today I will get in there because we're not going to be out running around!

and I just wanted to share this photo, taken by Kristin Nicholas, and appeared on her blog  Getting Stitched on the Farm yesterday -- I've been reading Kristin's blog for a while now because I really enjoy her photos -- especially the ones of the lambs!

I love this photo -- and I see a quilt in there -- so I wrote to Kristin and got permission to use it as an inspiration point for a piece of art

(yeah, I know, another piece into the mix!)

this should be a lot of fun

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AlisonH said...

The capture of the wild snow! Elusive, seldom seen, but with this have-a-hart snowtrap you can bring yours in from the cold. Get yours today!