Saturday, March 09, 2013

It's time to vote

the voting for this Inspired by Faberge challenge begins this morning 

you can use this LINK to go and view all of the pieces that were made for the challenge and vote for your favorite one

the second donut  has been installed there in the bottom loop of "chain",  that bright orange crystal at the top right is attached in there now, and two more bezels are done

I worked for a while yesterday on trying to build a bezel around the very smallest of the crystals, that did not work out (it was actually TOO small); so I'll be going back to that today

sometimes inspiration comes in strange places

the round object there on the left hand side is a stamped metal plate (that has a number stamped into it) -- sort of like a dog tag -- that I found

this little sketch was my first idea of how to include it in a piece of jewelry, but as I wrote this I thought of a whole other approach!

stay tuned, I'm obviously not done fiddling with this

as I write this morning, the snow is falling -- it was supposed to start between 2 and 6 am, but it really began about 7:30 -- and so far isn't much -- but it is much colder this morning

time to get busy

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AlisonH said...

The other pieces are beautiful on that page but they're not even in the same class as your project. Wow, yours is so gorgeous.

Can't wait to see how the orange turns out!