Saturday, May 04, 2013

a shopping trip

ta da!

this is the fabric I picked out to use on the back of the peacock piece -- it is one of the coordinates for this year, but when I was picking fabric for the front of the piece it just didn't fit my design scheme, so I didn't really "see" it

it is perfect for the back -- and the facing -- and the sleeve

I hope to get to work on this piece on Monday

the bead order arrived yesterday!

so the purple/green/orange bracelet has been set aside so I can finish this piece for my customer

the bezel around the mermaid is done, one of the strips of right angle weave "chain" is ready to be "zipped" and I've started on the second strip

not bad for just one afternoon's work

probably not much will get done today -- I'm off to work my shift at the quilt show -- which should be fun -- more hob nobbing with the wizards!!

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AlisonH said...

Wait--you ARE a wizard!