Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A short update

from last Wednesday until Sunday I was off to hob nob with the other art quilt wizards -- in Santa Fe, NM

this photo was taken on Sunday as we were driving home -- and these shapes may end up in an art quilt in the future (not a bad picture taken from inside a moving car with a cell phone!)

while we were in Santa Fe I did a little bit of shopping between meetings

and some things (like the blue fabric and the spool of thread) were part of the conference activities
on Saturday we went into the shopping district downtown and I picked up some materials to make some more pieces of jewelry

I especially like that piece of quartz and amethyst crystal there on the far right side of the picture

and while I was gone, this piece, that I had been waiting on to make up a special order, actually arrived!  

so of course I needed to order some beads to finish that piece, which I did yesterday, but that means I still can't start on this project --- grrrrr!

on the other hand, it might be just as well -- today I'm headed off to Denver to hang an exhibit in a quilt show that will open tomorrow morning and run through Sunday afternoon, so I'll be in and out

and of course, since we'll be back on the roads today, and to celebrate May Day --- it's SNOWING in the Denver area -- ACK!!

time to get moving

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AlisonH said...

Road trip road trip! I love Santa Fe. Discovered it while we were on a road trip when I was 16, have wanted to go back ever since; I'm glad you got to go. Have fun playing with your new materials!