Thursday, May 30, 2013

another finished object

I really enjoy making these bracelets

this one is the fifth one, each one unique, using different colors, patterns, etc.

I did decide to go with the magnetic clasps on this one

listed it this morning in my Etsy store

while we were away from home there was a lot of time for us to talk about things (it's about 18 hours drive time from us to the area in California we were going to) --- one of the things that was decided on the road was that it is time for us to hire someone else to come and mow the large yard

yesterday afternoon I hired a young man to do that for us  --- he'll be here this afternoon to do the first mowing (and believe me, it's a jungle out there!) -- this will make things easier  for me every week -- hurrah!!



1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Large+yard: two words you don't hear together in California.

Where I grew up, one guy stopped mowing his grass and the county slapped a fine on him. He went before the judge--this was in tony Potomac, Maryland--and I'm sure with pictures of various birds etc in tow, but, he told him, Your honor, it's a wildlife refuge!

Got off scot-free. End of mowing duties.