Friday, May 10, 2013

odds and ends day

Last night was my local quilt guild meeting

we had a guest speaker that talked about the Modern Quilt movement and had some of her work to show us

these two quilts are pretty typical of the genre -- strong colors, clean graphics -- and they are usable objects, intended to be put on beds or laps or couches

it was interesting to hear her talk and to see her work

of course a guild meeting means a trip to the "put and take" table, and I brought home these pieces to put with some other fabrics to make up a couple more charity quilt tops

I worked on the mermaid piece yesterday, but since I'm only working on creating the chain, I don't have any pictures yet

also got the basting of the peacock done so I can start doing the quilting -- which I hope to get to today after the errands are done
I did this piece of the crocheted Christmas project on Wednesday -- sort of like making tiny little baby booties!

this is a fun project, and so far I'm still just trusting in the pattern writer that all of these disparate parts will all come together

today I need to run some errands and get ready for a meeting tomorrow, but I hope to get to the sewing machine to do some stitching on that quilt!

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AlisonH said...

And here I thought for a moment it was a map to the convention center floor during the show, and how much that would look like a quilt...