Thursday, May 02, 2013

finished work, progress and a rough round trip

May 1 might seem like an odd time to be finishing up the knitting of a sweater, but it's still downright cold here (at least today), so it doesn't feel so odd to me

after completely removing the sleeves, ripping them out and re-knitting them, I can at last declare this item FINISHED!!

I'll start doing the swatching on the next project soon
 this piece is moving along nicely 

when I stitched the previous ones I had a very planned color map to work from

this one is being done "on the fly" which is interesting

the supply order for the new beads I ordered should be here today, so this one will probably get set aside while I make up the order for my customer -- it's keeping me hopping!

the weather yesterday was more like January than May -- except that in January we were having record high temperatures 

it made the 144 mile round trip to Denver a bit of  a pain 

there were times we could barely see the cars ahead of us


we did manage to get to the Denver Mart and get the majority of this weekend's show hung

there were a few artists that could not get their quilts to us, so those will get hung today (or whenever they can dig out and get there!)

today I'm not going anywhere --- need to recover!

I'll be back at the show this weekend though

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AlisonH said...

Beautiful sweater!

Glad you made it safely. Snow. May. Yow.