Wednesday, May 08, 2013

beginning again

when I ordered the mermaids, I got ten of them

a good thing

yesterday morning I sent the picture of the first version to my customer, and she felt that it was too dark for what she had in mind

okay then, let's try this one

which she has already given me the "thumbs up" on

so today I'll start on the "chain" parts

that first one will get finished and listed, but this one gets done first!

I have finished the swatching for the Christmas sweater project, and since I could not get the needles I need in a local shop, I have ordered them and they are on the way (I did the swatching on a pair of straight needles, but I need a long circular to do the actual project)

so while I'm waiting,  I started on another Christmas project that is crocheted

I know, it's odd looking, but I'm trusting to the designer that it will all work out in the end

this is a picture of my daughter and her Aunt Lori on my daughter's second birthday

on June 1 my daughter will be doing a 5K run for ovarian cancer awareness in Lori's honor

if you can spare a dollar or two, would you consider supporting my daughter?

the link to her page is  here

thanks so much -- it means a lot to all of us

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AlisonH said...

I couldn't do much, but I did some. I'm so sorry you lost her aunt.