Tuesday, May 07, 2013

doing the packing chant

the quilt show came down on Sunday afternoon, which meant that I had quilts that had to go back to their makers

yesterday I spent most of the morning sorting, packaging and getting this group all ready to go

there are quilts there, and a donation I'm making to a charity auction, a box of afghan squares that are going to Close Knit Hugs, and a stack of letters to the donors of last year's charity auction

all merrily on their way this morning!

after all that packing work, I worked on this

this is a special order for a customer, and it's coming along nicely

just need to add the fringe and it will be ready to go --- just a day or so to finish it

the dragon fly piece is moving along -- two stitched and one to go


time to get at it

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AlisonH said...

That's very pretty--I hope the customer loves it too.